morrissey on working:
"On the very brief spasm of employment that I had in te past, it always seemed to me thar there were moments of the day when I'd realaise I was working with these people that I despised. I had to talk to these horrible people about what they did yesterday and I would have to report to a boss that I couldn't stand. When you're in that position, which was the absolute basis fo 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now', you realise that you're actually spending your entire life living with people you do not like and doing something you do not like, which os oncredibly distressing."

morrissey on relationships:
"People feel that just simply because they're having this cemented communion with another person that the two of you will became whole, which is something I detested. I hate that, that implication. It's not true anyway. Ultimately, you're on your own, whatever happens in life, however you go through life. You die on your own. You have to go to the dentist on your own. It's like all the serious things in life are things that you feel on your own."

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