you know, i try, i really do, i do not think of myself as particularly ugly ou unattractive, i can be cute, i can be charming, but sometimes is just too hard.. you know? i don’t like to get into that old talk “the midia makes women want to be something impossible and it’s fucking with our brains and self-esteem”, but sometimes.. it’s simply the truth. i like to believe that there are different kinds of beauty, and that i am beautiful and i do not have to compare myself to anyone just because they’re, i don’t know, blond, or tall, or have big green eyes with fake eyelashes, or big boops. and i forbid myself to do that. to compare myself with other girls and think less of me, look at my own self as less pretty or interesting or anything. but sometimes it’s just hard when what is considered beautiful is so different from what i look like. i’m not saying “oohh i’m so ugly and those girls are so beautiful”, i know i’m not ugly, but it can be hard not to be part of the standard.

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